About us

LVS Management, a company of the group VS Invest 

Since 2017 LVS Management has been at the service of entrepreneurs who are looking for “helping heads and hands” to assist them in the day-to-day management of their organisation.

The situations and the needs differ from company to company: LVS Management always adapts to propose the best possible solution.

A key position may (suddenly or not) disappear and you need time to find again the right man or woman? We make sure that business continues to run and that the handover is seamless.

Even if your executive is only temporarily unavailable due to illness, pregnancy or accident, interim management is a solution to limit the impact of this absence on your organisation.

The smaller the organisation, the greater the need for centipedes … As a general manager you are often also the sales director, the HR manager, the IT manager, the financial director and so much more with less and less time to optimally combine everything while it all becomes more and more complex. However, it would be economically irresponsible to recruit someone to assist you. Have you thought about externalising certain tasks or functions?

We bring together a wide range of skills in the field of financial management and leadership which we are happy to make available to you. One day a month, half a day a week or more when necessary, for an indefinite period or temporarily to get through a difficult period, on site or remotely, ... we adapt ourselves so that you no longer have to bend over backwards for your business to run optimally.

Our proposal

Financial management

From a financial and business perspective, we fine-tune the information provision and monitor it so that the company or organisation can be efficiently managed or operated.

  • Budgeting
  • Management reports
  • Benchmarking, performance indicators, cost-benefit analysis, return on investment
  • Pricing, internal transfer prices and internal charging, distribution of overhead costs
  • Wage or labor cost analysis
  • Financial position
  • Auditing
  • Financial control
  • Internal procedures for the finance department

You can count on a targeted support of your employees and a professional approach to your business relations.

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